1. Ranked teams of four must be co-ed or you are “unranked!

2. Pairs teams can be two female, two male, or co-ed racers but the division is “open”.

3. Secured helmets are mandatory for the cycling portion.

4. Bike leg must be completed on one bike.

5. One secured personal flotation device is mandatory per paddler.

6. Safety equipment is required for all canoes/kayaks.

7. The corporate division allows for one member to be an immediate family member of corporate member.

8. The 40+ division is co-ed with one member allowed to be 35+ years of age.

9. The family division is extended to first cousins and one significant other but only open to teams of four.

10. In the endurance division: each leg must be completed by every member before any team member may advance to the next leg.

11. In the relay-pairs division: team member #1 runs, both paddle, and member #2 cycles.

12. In the relay-division: each team member completes one leg of the race (with two members in the paddling portion).

13. Good sportsmanship.

14. If you have a team of three or thirty you are always welcome to enter as an ‘unranked’ team just for fun.